---CAMMDA Planned Programs---

Academic Programs:
Ear Traning: Major and minor modes, scales, intervals, rhythmic and melodic dictation, sight singing.
Musicianship: Expression, dynamics, articulation, phrasing, timbre, breathing, conducting, rehearsal of material.
Performance: Mental memory/muscle memory, stage presence, extemporanious speaking, audience interaction.
Scholarship: Research and discovery, primary source material, academic writing, citations, critical thinking.

Social Programs:
Community meetings: Public and private meetings, open session/public hearings.
Lectures & Presentations: Graduate and post-doctoral level material, local and regional issues, techniques and procedures for anything from arts and crafts to natural history.
Workshops: In-depth study sessions, focus groups, polling, community research.
Open Mic: Free expression, spoken word, poetry, book reading.

Performances: Booking various music ensembles, theatre groups, dance, voice.
Demonstrations: Traditional fine art, woodworking, crafts. Also, political discourse, protest, free speech activities.
Exercises: Yoga and stretching, barre, dance (ballet, jazz, swing, blues, tap, etc.)
Hands on DIY: Home repair, car repair, instrument repair, household item repair, sewing, fabrics, yarns, gardening.

Instruments: Exposure to piano, plucked and bowed strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, world music.
Equipment: From mixing/sound boards to amplifiers, computers, assistive technologies, etc.
Tools: Library for tools to be checked out, such as hammers, screw guns, drills, hand tools, saws, etc.
Books: Extensive library of resource materials, music scores, literature, maps, etc.
People: Access to human resources such as teachers/educators, business advice, etc.

Future Potential:
Impact on local culture: Change the way people behave in our town.
Improvement of life: Fulfillment from giving back to the community.
Positive social development: Leading the next generation by example.

About Us:
Samuel Shalhoub (b. 1985) has been a local of Cambria since 1994. After graduating from Coast Union High School in 2003 he went on to obtain his Bachelor of Art degree in Guitar Performance from Humboldt State University in 2012. Finally, Samuel obtained his Master of Art degree in Music Performance Practice from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2016. Since then he has become a publicly elected official, serving as President of the Coast Unified School District Board of Trustees. Samuel has also joined the ArtBeat organization to provide free classical guitar lessons to Cambria's youth, and has also started an after school concert band program at Santa Lucia Middle School. Samuel remains dedicated to the Cambria Community and intends on using the Cambria Academy of Music and Multi-Disciplinary Arts to further the richness and diversity of art, music, and civic discourse in our town.